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    Currently have a Windows 2000 Server running an Intranet site on IIS 5.0. We also have FTP configured on the box as well for uploading material to the intranet site.

    This box was a domain controller as of last Friday, which is when we started demoting all of our Windows 2000 Servers from being domain controllers. We are running native mode Windows 2000, but eventually want to run Windows 2003 as our domain function level, which is why we demoted all of our Windows 2000 servers.

    Now, our Intranet administrator cannot FTP into the site, it does not reconize her username or password. The same one she had used since the beginning. I added my account to the FTP Site Operators, no luck. I even went as far as creating a new FTP Site, and stopping the old site…still no luck. Checked permissions on the folder, but everything looked fine.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

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