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    Hi all, apologies if this post is very long winded and/or on the wrong part of the forum but I could not see one that was IIS7 specific.

    I’ve been involved with getting one of our old web applications redeveloped so that it will run on a Windows 2008 64bit server with IIS7. The app in question displays map data supllied by MapXtreme and was re developed using VS2010. After a few minor issues relating to the MapXtreme assemblies we managed to deploy the new app on the development web server (the same one that it was developed in) and the website works a treat. However this is where the fun ends.

    Our projected environment is to have a development server, a staging server and a live server. The developers have full unrestrained access to the dev box but the staging (as it is supposed to replicate live) and the live servers are managed by myself and my team. Were not developers, just sys Admins.

    We need to be able to now move/copy this app from the Dev server and onto the staging server for UAT. In previous versions of IIS we would be able to just copy the code as it’s .NET onto the staging server and make any minor config changes, create the website and go. IIS7 seems to have completely moved the goalposts and not let me be able to do this. There is an export/import tool that I can use but it will not let me creat a new site at the root level parallel with the default site which is what our organisation’s policy requires and even if I create a Site and import the package created from the dev server it still won’t display the contents of the website, Maps, frames etc.

    I’ve done the usual scouring of the net and yes I’ve looked at the Web Deploy tool from MS but there are no real logical instructions on how to use it, and even if I got my head round that i’m not sure it will work.

    Do you guys have any knowledge in this area? Am I missing a very simple and Noddy trick?

    I could as a last result ask the developers to deploy the app straight from VS2010 onto the staging servers but because of version management issues, security etc i’m reluctant to go down that route.

    Like I said at the start, apologies for the long winded post etc but will appreciate all or any replies


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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