IIS 6.0 Webdav issues

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    Hi. I recently setup a webserver running on windows server 2003 sp1 and iis6.0. I configured it to support the webdav web extension. I created the folders for web sharing and assigned the user permissions on it. My account has read and write permission on the folders. I connect to the webdav folder using “My network places” from windows xp. I managed to connect to the folder and create new files. However, upon opening any files(mostly word documents), windows will prompt me for the password again, even if i select “Remember my password” on the dialog box. I am not getting this kind of behaviour on a mac book. Is there any way that i can make windows to stop asking for password upon opening any files on the webdav folder? Please help. Thank you.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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