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    In our network there are two HP E5412z core switches and two Juniper ex4550 switches. We have enabled igmp snooping in two vlans (id 5 and 10).
    Strange thing happens on one vlan on one HP switch and that is that after active multicast group expires (few mins) it does not show up again. I have tracked down the differences in VLANS (since it happens only in one vlan) and I saw that querier on that vlan is not showing (on both HP switches).

    VLAN ID : 5
    IGMP version : 2
    Querier Address [this switch] :
    Querier Port :
    Querier UpTime : 3d 5h 15m 44s
    Querier Expiration Time : 0h 1m 8s

    VLAN ID : 10
    VLAN Name : VLAN_WEB
    IGMP version : 2
    Querier Address : Querier initial wait

    Does somebody know the reason why querier is not elected, like it is for other VLAN_TEST. Configurations are the same.

    Thanks for any advice!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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