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    I am having a problem with IE settings on a percentage of our workstations.

    I am simply trying to amend the default homepage and some site to zone assignments and have been using the IE Maintenance policy settings to do this.

    On 95% of our workstations the settings correctly apply and the settings within IE change to what I want. On the other 5% the policy is being applied according to GPRESULT but the settings aren’t being changed within IE.

    I have tried to resolve it in a variety of ways including.

    Resetting the browser settings in the policy.
    Tried using browser preference mode
    Enabling the Apply Internet Explorer Settings on each login, even if they haven’t changed.
    Creating a brand new policy and applying it to the affected workstations.
    Applied the MS hotfix (can’t remember the number) that alledgedly resolves this issue.
    I have also tried using the adm templates for IE.

    None of this works and its driving me nuts as I can’t change everyone over to use the new intranet page as their homepage or set the web applications pages to be in the correct security zone for the 5% of users this doesn’t apply to.

    Looking on the workstations there aren’t any errors being reported when applying group policy and there are no real clues to anything being wrong in the event logs.

    Does anyone have any other ideas I can try?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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