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IBM KVM 41Y9310 asking for password when no one remembers adding one

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    Hello I will try to be short with all I can think of…

    I am a surveillance supervisor / tech at a casino in the Midwest. We had a digital system upgrade (Synectics) a little while back and we have a KVM for the vessel equipment room and one for the land equipment room.

    One of the KVM’s was restarted and when it rebooted it is asking for a username and password. No one, when asked, say they set the password (Our techs to the people that installed it) and I have called IBM and short of taking it out and sending it to them, no help.

    I get a different message when i put in Admin. All other usernames says username does not exist. With Admin it says the password is incorrect so I assume Admin is the username. I have tried every thing I can think of for months for the password. 00000000, Admin, .. no need to list them all but I have tried a lot.

    I opened it up to see if I could reset to factory (UN:Admin PW:) from what I could find. Was hoping to remove battery or some jumper to reset but no battery or jumper was found… No reset button on the back or anything else that I can see.

    I powered down and restarted the console switch and tried to F8 or something to get it to a place I can do something and it goes straight to a black screen with “FREE” in the top right. When I press print screen to bring up the list of what is attached to the KVM it asks for the password.

    Is there any way I can reset this to a factory default password since it seems someone has had to have changed it?

    Thank you very much for looking and helping.. if it is even possible.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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