I wonder is someone could verify a dns issue for me?

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    someone in my company let me know they were not able to send an email to someone that had contacted them by email.

    so..my first step was to attempt to telnet to their email server on port 25

    the company is pinpointglobal.com

    I fired up telnet and tried to connect to mail.pinpointglobal.com 25

    result: no response

    so then I went to mxtoolbox dot com and typed in their name, which shows they have two mail servers and their ip addresses.

    so then I attempted to telnet to one of their email servers and as you might expect I was able to connect.

    so – then I attempted to ping mail.pinpointglobal.com and nothing is returned.

    so please correct me if I’m wrong here because my assumptions are the following.

    We use exchange to send email

    my question are as follows:

    when you reply to or send an email does exchange (or any mail server) preface the domain name with ‘mail.’ and hand that over to the dns server to resolve to an ip address?

    My assumption is that since we cannot resolve the name ‘mail.pinpointglobal.com’ is the reason we cannot send any email to them.

    are my assumptions correct?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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