I will be fired if I can’t save this DC

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    I have been on this domain controller for a few days.

    The symptom: I can not log into any domain on this domain controller, it keeps telling me incorrect username or password.

    Booting in DRSM shows a myriad of errors suggesting it is not a domain controller, it can’t start KKDC or NETLOGON services. It can’t authenticate to anything and nothing can authenticate to it. Obviously it can’t connect to the other DC’s anymore, the last information message before the crash was “Security update successfully applied” But since I can’t authenticate to the domain, I can not affect the Group Policies, locally or domain wide. My users are lighting their torches and are preparing to storm the helpdesk.

    I have been looking at it for the last two days if anyone knows of any back doors or something, I could try disabling the policies if I had rights to my own file systems with the directory restore password, but its all “access denied”. Help:confused:

    I think I should mention it is Server 2003 Ent, child domain

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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