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    Hey People,

    I hope someone here can help me.

    Well to start off i was away for a number of years came back, tried to login to my PC and i forgot the password, which wasn’t a bother as I used EBCD to reset the password BUT i didn’t remember that i had used the EFS tab to encrypt some of my files and now as I can’t remember the old password, and as I have been told that’s what I need to get into my files, i can’t get into them and i really need to.
    So my question is if i remember my old password and thus it fixing the EFS on my files, is it safe to say the old password is still buried somewhere in the registry or some folder and if so is there anyway of retrieving it or is there any other way to decipher the password hashes to get it or anything along the lines of updating the certificates that were issued with the EFS?

    I do apologise in advance if i have overstepped the boundary in regards to asking about passwords as I know other forums are really strict but i genuinely need help.

    Thank you ever so much in advance for any and all help i get.

    Using XP PRO SP2

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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