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    I have some old game servers installed on an XP boxs. The problem is that the boxes haven’t been started in years. The files are custom and would take a significant amount of time to recreate. I was going to remove the hard drives and put them in another box to recover the files, however as I was talking to some people I have found that there may be an interest in this old game. So I thought instead I would try to restart the servers and see what happens… The problem is that its been so long since they have run I have forgotten all the passwords. Since it was all automated to restart I cant really reset it to default with out loosing even more programming.. (that I did not write in the first place) so it seams I have the option of recovering the passwords or trying to figure out someone elses programming.. yikes… So here in am…. Can any one walk be through getting the hashes and turning them into text so I can restart these servers, or should I just toss them in a box and get the most important files off and call it a day? I am fairly tech savvy so I can do the work myself. I just need guidance through XP and the decrypting of the hashes.

    Service pack 3 (I think)

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