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    I’m a teacher and was just given a Dell Laptop XPPro SP2 (no floppy). Was setup at school on the last day and I was a user in a domain called PlantZone. Now I’m off for the summer but going to take several classes In huntsville Alabama Space Camp USA next week. The IT help desk is closed until july when summer school starts.

    I wanted to play Diablo II on a home network with my son. On the desktop I set up a workgroup called workgroup. On the Laptop I went to the Control panel >System>Computername and Changed the settings as follows

    Description: No Changes
    Domain:erased Plantzone and put in Workgroup.

    Now after rebooting I can’t login anymore

    I Tried; Last known good config

    I tried the username/password I was given but they don’t work anymore… I also tried Admin/Pass, Administrator/Password, Guest/password and got a dialog saying something.

    I went herehttp://petri.com/forgot_administrator_password.htm
    and then Here http://www.loginrecovery.com/ I downloaded the the CD.zip file- Extracted- burned the ISO and then I got the following .txt file only.

    Windows XP password Recovery.

    To make this disk work follow the instructions on the website:


    If you can see this file on the CD you have made it correctly. Just insert it into the CD drive of your computer and reboot.

    WARNING: This disk can be used for hacking, cracking, and other malicious uses. If you use this disk make sure that you use it only on computers that you own. I am in no way responsible for any damage done of any kind.

    All the tools on this disk are shareware or freeware.


    FreeDos The main operating system http://www.freedos.org
    NTFSDOS NTFS access http://www.sysinternals.com/ntw2k/freeware/ntfsdos.shtml
    GET Reads Syskey and hashes from registry hives. http://studenti.unina.it/~ncuomo/syskey/ Recompiled by me for dos. Combined BKHIVE and SAMDUMP2. Modified by me.
    ATXOFF Turns off the computer. http://www.gknw.com/atxoff.html
    RAINBOW Crack This is what’s used for decrypting the password hashes on the server. (it’s not on the disk because it’s 30000 MB!)

    Please note that thousands of hours of design, programming and research went into each utility on this disk. Please donate to me or any one of them to continue these projects.

    Please see the website for each piece of software for more information and Terms of Use. You must agree to the terms of User of EVERY utility on this disk to boot from it. Use of this disk means accepting all licences from all the sites.

    This site times out not allowing me to get further instructions. I thought the image would have the utilities in it. the funny thing this small text file is 1,640 bytes. Seems a lot for the above few paragraph.

    Well anyway I just would like to get it back the way it was before the Diablo II idea.
    Sorry for the length of this! I’m trying to avoid Pi$$ing of IT.

    What can I do Please! Thanks

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