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    Can someone help me out please.  I have being testing Virtual Networking using Hyperv 2016.  I have done the following using powershell….

    1. Teamed 2 onboard Physical NICs so they use LACP…. This is working fine.

    2 Added a VSwitch (Called VSwitch1) and linked it to my LCAP TEAM.

    3 Created 5 VNICs (Called, “Client Connections”, “Live Migration”, “ClusterHB”, “iSCSI” and “MgmtLan”) each VNIC was given a minimum bandwidth weight, and linked to my VSwitch called “VSwitch1”.

    At this point I can use all my VNics in my host for connectivity no problem, except for “Client Connections” VNIC.  The issue I have is with the guest network connections.  When I go to select a connection for my Guest OS, it only shows me the VSwitch1…..

    Do I need to created another VSwitch and link it to my VNIC called “Client Connections” for my guest to access the network.?




Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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