hyper-v/vmware on a macbook pro retina… possible?

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    I was looking for a new laptop, and started to wonder about the macbook pro retina 15″ laptop (the one with the 16 gigs of ram and all the cool features), as an option, but then I started to wonder if this piece of apple hardware could run some WIN2012 server VMs?

    I’m not a big apple fan (actually I never had any apple device untill this day), and the only reason I consider it, is because the computer is very light for a 15″ beast with I7, SSD and tons of RAM and a remarkable screen that I could use for some photo-editing that I do.

    I know that there is a VM solution by apple called “parallel”, made for client-side VMs, and does a pretty good job running windows 7/8 machines.

    plus I saw a “VMware fusion” software, that ran some linux OS.
    but the guy with the laptop – told me he had some issues programming C with it (something to do with BIOS access).

    My question is – will this be smart to buy a mac, to effectively practice some MCITP stuff??
    I’m interested in creating a test-enviroment to practice some server 2012/2008 server machines, combined with some client machines.

    if anyone managed to create an effective VM servers enviroment on a mac, I would like to hear how it went? (including all the network access stuff and everything)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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