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    I am trying to move a VM from a hyper V server to a server with VMware 6.5 on it. I am using quest’s rapid recovery to export the image to the ESXI host. I can boot the machine up and all the data is there just like it should be but the NIC card doesn’t have the drivers to make it work. No matter if I use the E1000 or the VMXnet3 NIC card, it still acts like the drivers are missing and will not show up in network connections in order to assign a static IP on the connection. VMtools is installed on the guest and below is a screenshot of what device manager looks like with the network adapters. Not sure how to get rid of the BASP virtual adapter but wouldn’t think that would cause issues with the drivers of the other NIC cards. Any help on this would be appreciated

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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