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    Hi all I have just joined Petri and already I need your help! lolI have been tasked with testing / implementing moving some old legacy servers onto a virtual platform thus freeing up unsupported hardware etc.So I curently have a W2k3 domain with following clients:Mostly XP,Win7,W2k3,W2k8Some NT4 server,W2k workstation and serverNow I have setup a W2k8R2 server using Hyper-V running on a HP C3000 enclosure on proliant BL460c G7. I have successfully created an XP VM running on this configuration and it is happy as part of the domain.Unfortunately the remaining clients I have created W2k3,NT4 server,W2k server,W2k Workstation all built and run fine, have all the necessary IP settings etc but will not join the domain. You can ping them and you can see the workgroup from other clients on the domain. But I cannot seem to get them to attach to the domain.Therefore just for a test I built an old DL380 G3 and put NT on and it connected to the domain immediately. As I am not sure if it is the blade config that is causing an issue I built an old DL380 G4 and put W2k8 and tried to install hyper V but the hardware isnt compatible, so I am struggling at the moment.Any help would be greatly appreciated..

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