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    Not sure if i’m thinking in the right direction on this one…….

    Is it possible/OK/Supported to have a SQL2014 and or  Exchange 2013 Server running as a guest server on HYPER, then make this SQL or Exchange Guest server Highly available using the clustering services.  I’m thinking along the line of guest HA not application HA.

    My thought is to have something like this….


    Shared storage (iSCSI / SAS)

    2 or 3 HYPER V 2016/9 NODES connected to the above shared storage.

    1 additional physical host running as a DC.

    Enable “Windows Cluster Services” on Hyper V nodes

    Install 2 guest operating systems on the shared storage (Cluster Shared Volume)

    1 of the guest OS will have SQL 2014 installed and serving clients

    The other guest OS will have Exchange 2013 installed serving Outlook and ActiveSync clients.


    Given the above setup, would the guests OS running the applications (SQL and Exchange) handle being “live Migrated”?

    Second, would the applications (SQL and Exchange) handle the failover in the event of a host failure.






Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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