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    I have a requirement for an Https file transfer mechanism and am currently looking for software to do this function. I want the software to be ideally meet the following requirements:

    – free/open source
    – run as a service on either windows or linux (preferrably the latter)
    – allow people to send files to a other people
    – must be secure and use https through a standard web browser
    – be very simple for clients to use (somebody should be able to pretty much go to the web page, select the recipient, choose a file and click upload)

    We have an in house written web application that does this, and although it seems quite nice it does have it’s problems, so I’m looking for something standard on the internet to replace it.

    The current mechanism accepts the file, and then emails the recipient with the https link to download it.

    Surely somebody must have had this requirement before for simple quick document exchanges from outside the company to inside or vice versa that don’t use fully blown sftp servers or the like which requires both sides IT departments getting involved to set up both ends.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for server softare on either windows or linux which can do this?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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