How to split a domain in 2

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    Hello all,

    I have posted the question on several forums, but I got none replies sofar. So I wanted to give it a shot over here.

    We have 1 windows 2003 domain with 2 locations. Location 1 (let’s call
    this one Holland) got 2 dc’s (dc1 &dc2). The second location (Germany) got
    1 dc (dc3). DC1 contains all the FSMO roles. DC3 is a GC. Between
    Germany and Holland is a dsl connection which replicates the dc’s.

    dc1 = Windows 2003 SP2
    dc2 = Windows 2003 R2 SP2
    dc3 = Windows 2003 SP1

    The location Germany has been sold to another company and now we need to
    spit the domain. Since we do not have much time and the server cannot be
    down for to long I was thinking about splitting the domain into 2
    domains with the same name rather then to depromote dc3 and create a new
    domain. This would save us a lot of time reconfiguring all the clients.

    I will try to do this by letting dc3 think that dc1&dc2 do not exist

    So in basic my plan of approach would be this:

    1. remove the dsl connection so that Germany cannot see and contact
    Holland anymore.
    2. clean up the metadata with Ntdsutil.
    3. remove dc1&dc2 objects from the sites
    4. remove dc1&dc2 objects from the domain controllers container
    5. remove dc1&dc2 objects from the dns
    6. seize FSMO roles from dc1 to dc3.
    7. remove all the computers,users etc belonging to Holland from dc3.

    Step 1 ~ 5 and 7 will also be done in Holland to remove dc3 from the

    Since I am a newbie at AD I would like to hear some suggestions. I have
    probably forgotten some important stuff or mixed up the way I should

    Thanks for any help!

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