How to set security to an "Stand Alone" PC ?

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    Amey here . I don’t have experience how to configure security for a stand alone machine. I have Windows XP Profeesional version 2002 with SP2 installed. I have 1 default Administrator account , another account to which I have given administrative rights . And 3rd account is a “User” account.
    I open MMC and via “Local computer policy” . There r criteria’s to set securities.

    1 – Computer configuration

    2 – User configuration

    I set permission to hide “Add printer” option under User config . When I save the console and log off and again log back again to my account which
    have administrative rights I see that Add printer tab is vanished from my profile. When I again go back to MMC and disable it , it works.

    My question is how can I set this type of security to specific user when I am using an “stand alone” machine which is not connected to any network .


    Amey .
    [ M.C.P. , M.C.S.E. , M.C.S.A. ]

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