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    ok…long story short, I have a SBS2008 box that we’ve recovered from a RAID failure. Everything is great, except the client didn’t backup Exchange (missed that little tick mark in the selections). So, now I have a working Exchange server with no databases (well…working in that it THINKS it has databases, but it doesn’t…the files are gone and never coming back).

    To fix this, I just need to do a ‘clean’ install of Exchange and start the client from scratch. The problem is that I can’t get Exchange to uninstall because I get the errors that I need to disable-mailbox and move the Offline Address book before I uninstall (and it won’t let me go any further).

    Since I have no Database, I just want exchange fully removed from my system. Then I’ll reinstall clean. But I can’t get it to remove, because the system thinks it still has a database that I haven’t cleaned out yet.

    Any takers?



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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