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    I have a new cisco 2811 router with a CSU card on it, this unit will replace an existing 2500 router which is running like this :

    T1 —-> 2500 (12.118.xx.70) —-> ETHE 0/0 (12.xx.xx.73 ) —>Unix server (12.xx.xx.78 ) public address
    ETHE 0/1 (12.xx.xx.65 )—-> Voip Patton smartnode ( 12.xx.xx.66) public address

    The gateway is 12.xx.xx.65
    The Current Ethernet 0/0 is setup as 12.xx.xx.73
    Ethernet 0/1 is setup as 12.xx.xx.65
    The current serial 0/0 is setup as 12.118.xx.70

    So any user over the internet does 12.xx.xx.78 and gets into my unix server (email,web,ssh,etc)
    And remote smartnodes connect to 12.xx.xx.66 to my local smartnodes

    I tried copying the same configuration to the new 2811 by doing a “show configuration on the old 2500” but the public ip addresses .78 and .66 are not working when I try to access them from the internet, Could you please tell me if on the 2811 I have to set NAT ?

    If I’m on the CLI on the 2811 I’m able to traceroute to the 12.xx.xx.78 and traceroute to the outside world. I’m able from the outside world to see my router if I use the 12.118.xx.70 address.

    From the unix server I can log in into the 2811 when I do 12.xx.xx.73 but that’s about it. Do I need a bridge to make my internal IP’s outside IP’s ?

    My firewall is OFF .

    Please help.

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