how to get "send console message" feature available ?

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    i have windows 2003 server standard edition that works as DC. of course, i need to restart it occasionally to load most recent security updates&things… sending a console message to all connected users is realy nice feature, but my problem is that i can not use it. it simply does not appear where microsoft people say it should be.

    i checked help in windows 2003 server, and technet page at:

    but both of them say the same thing.

    nevertheless, right click on Shared Folders->All Tasks gives only Configure Shadow Copies … option and that is all.

    using command line option also does not work.

    i also found article an
    but the key this article points to does not exist on my computer. so i tried to enable it as they explained using Gpedit.msc, but no success. i changed settings in both local machine GPO and Default Domain Controllers Policy, but nothing has changed.

    does anyone have any idea how to get send console message feature available?

    thank you all

    best regards

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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