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    I’m referring to the thread (since the thread is already closed which seems I couldn’t post any reply from there)

    I have a very similar problem to the above thread, which I have an OEM Windows XP Home CD on my hand, with the produck key sticker missing.

    I’ve contacted the local Microsoft office for a few times (via email andp hone) and was referred to contact the vendor where I got the OEM WinXP Home from.

    The problem is that it’s been a few years time since I bought the PC, and that vendor has already closed down the business. Microsoft replied that they have no way to provide a product key even I DO have the whole OEM CD pack (the green booklet – quick start guide, and the original installation CD) on my hand.

    My question is, is there really “no way” to retrieve the product key from an OEM CD??? The interesting thing is, Microsoft is able to provide the installation CD if I can provide a valid product key.

    Would there be any expert(s) here able to help me out on this? Thank you very much in advance!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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