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    Exchange 2003
    Outlook 2003 (cached mode)
    HDD: 5x72GB SCSI RAID-5
    RAM: 1GB

    I am having problems with with employees not archiving emails, inboxes are getting close to 2GB, archived folders vary between 4GB-8GB.
    Some of the employees can receive close to 2GB worth of emails in about 3 month, our .edb file has grown to 54GB and needs off-line defrag.

    Several users reported that email is getting slower, I checked the server and HDD utilization varies between 70%-100% it’s working over time. I was never able to bring the server down to do the defrag, because there is always somebody important using email over the weekend or at night.

    How to deal with such environment, what are the best practices? Will the second exchange server help a bit? Is it possible to speed up Outlook with 1.8GB inbox and 9GB in archived folders?

    I Appreciate any suggestions.

    PS. I am getting 4GB RAM for the server…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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