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How to control users software installation

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    Dear All,

    We are and IT company and offering services to one of ministry. Our corporate setup is based in Windows 2008 R2 DC and Win 7 pro clients.

    We have IT operations team and also developers and they do require a lot of testing of new products and find new ways to offer improved services from our data center. All those technical staff are added to ‘Administrators’ group on their PC’s means they have full rights to install what they want.

    But after all this we still want to have kind of control to check if any pirated softwares is in use on computers and allow certain set of defined softwares.

    Is there a way possible to have control on this through GPO? OR this is not possible and requires additional third party tools to get this done. Really appreciate suggestions on this, what can be done for this.

    Any more details if needed let me know.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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