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    Hi everyone,

    can somebody tell me how to modify the reply e-mail on Exchange server 2003.

    We have a team communicating on a daily basis with our clients by e-mail, but from the clients point of view there must be only one e-mail address.

    For security reason the server is connected to our ISP by private IP and is not on the web. We read trough isp POP service and distribute mail to all members of the team using Exchange rules. This part works fine.

    Mail readed from [email protected] goes to [email protected]l, [email protected]l …

    The problem comes with sending or replying to e-mail. Exchange buid outgoing address with username and isp domainname. In that way, mail sended by usr1 goes to [email protected]. This e-mail does not exist; usr1 is internal. So replies does not reach us.

    I am looking in a way to change “Reply e-mail” for [email protected] so that all clients could see the same e-mail in the “From:” field.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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