How to change domain name in Certification Authority service?

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    When I created this SBS 2003 box a few years ago I messed up the self signed cert in CEICW. I made it (Confession) when I set this SBS box up, I wasn’t really sure of everything I was doing….. Now I am trying to create a domain certificate on our new Team Foundation Server and when doing so the “Online Certification Authority” drop down only shows this I need it to display

    We now have a valid GoDaddy cert for How can I get the Certificate Authority service to use the GoDaddy cert instead of the messed up I tried to run CEICW again using the new cert. The new cert does work with our sites now. But the old still shows up in the Certification Authority service.

    I think I need to uninstall the Certification Authority service, and then reinstall it. But I have read that it is difficult to do so. Please help, I have spent days researching this issue because it looks like there are big ramifications if it is not done correctly.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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