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    James Haynes

    so how do i backup lics for 2013 or 2016? licensing for 13/16 is the pits. if the user has a stand-alone copy of Office 2013 that was activated thru the M$ portal via a redemption code, you dont see anything in the area where a user would sign in… if it was a digital E3 lic you would see “this copy of office is activated using [email protected]“…

    when i try to pull a belarc of the keys for 2013/16, i get the last 5 digits. worthless…

    so to the point, how do i de-activate the current lic? to be upfront, i have several accounts that i use to redeem lics for office.. you get like 50 per account before they make you create a new one. at this point in time, i am on activate***[email protected], meaning that i have a grand total of 1,450 activations in these 29 accounts that i would need to search thru to to find the specific instance, and there is no way of knowing which one it is unless you have the redemption key and the real one.. to like cross reference.

    so what do you guys do when you need to move a 2016 and dont know what the license key was PRIOR to starting the move?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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