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    I have 2 email accounts set-up in my Outlook 2003. The first is my original account through my regular cable service provider.
    I recently set up a web site thru a web hosting service which allows me unlimited email accounts. So far so good. How can I see the email coming in thru the hosting service on my regular Outlook. I have followed the instructions exactly for setting up another account and when I test settings all tests are successful. I just can’t see any of the hosting service emails. Shouldn’t there be a separate inbox etc etc for the hosters account?
    I’m not a computer newbie but this has me stumped. Its got to be something simple I’m missing.
    The only way I can read the hosters email is by logging into their webmail service, which works great but I would rather just switch identities in my Outlook. I remember previous versions of Outlook having a switch identities menu selection. This version doesn’t have it.
    Can someone please help me. Thanks.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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