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    I have searched and tried all the MS and other solutions but I must have missed the fix for the DNS server Client.

    OS is 2k3 AD mixed mode.
    Environment is AD with (2) DNS servers with (2) WIN servers.

    The first DC in the domain was installed with no problem (dc11)
    The second DC was also successfully installed (dc02)
    I had to remove dc11 for a hardware upgrade to (dc08)

    I had to do cleanup into the schema to finally remove dc11 from the AD. At that point the DNS servers on both dc02 and dc08 were stable and have not had any problems.

    Until the DNS server on dc02 renews it’s A record then the DNS client on dc02 doesn’t work. RPC is ok, fixed the registery entries on the DNS listenAddresses, ran the TCPIP fix, disabled the second NIC (not that I wanted to), plus a slew more dead ends. I know the DNS server is OK on dr02 because it passes monitoring from dc08.

    The only clue left is this 407 / 408.

    Please tell me it is a simply something I overlooked.

    Let me know if I am being too long winded (lol)



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