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    I have two internal NTFS drives partitioned into drives which have names such as :-

    (C) , ( D) , …. etc.

    (( N.B. In the above sentence I wanted to include the ‘:’ symbol after the drive letter inside the parentheses but , when I then selected “preview post” this ‘:’ symbol was transformed into a “smilie” !!!! ))

    That is except for drive L which has , somehow , been given a the name “L” – i.e no parentheses like the others .

    When I attempt to access this drive in Windows Explorer it is not visible .

    It , however , does appear in Disk Management as drive “L” – without quotes.

    I have tried to change this to “(L)” – no quotes – like the others with the ‘:’ inside the parentheses but have failed to do so.

    How do I resolve this problem so that this drive will become visible like the others in Windows Explorer?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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