How can I unmount a Windows’s volume?

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    Hi folks,

    My SAN admin did not use a proper allocation unit for my MS-SQL LUNs :-( … so I will have to move my databases to a new LUN and then unmount old one and attach the new one to old path.

    Do I have to delete the root folder for that? I am getting some weird errors when I try.

    Here’s what I am doing, someone feel free to correct me:

    1.)Shut down MS-SQL, of course
    2.)On disk management, right click old LUN, change path, remove path
    3.)On disk management, right click new LUN, change path from E:SQL_Data2 to E:SQL_Data

    The idea is change new LUN’s path from E:SQL_Data2 to E:SQL_Data, unmount old LUN and kill it. But when I’m on step #3, I get no option to mount it there, unless I delete the root folder (SQL_Data) and recreate it. I don’t mind doing that, as long as I do not format the actual volume the data is safe, but I really want to understand if that’s a normal behavior or not.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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