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Host multiple ftp servers on same ISS

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    Dear forum members

    I have W2K8 R2 Server with IIS 7.5

    I hosted ftp server on port 21 and it is working just fine.
    No bindings, no host names.
    Name: http://ftp.mydomain.local

    When I add new ftp site I use the following settings:

    Name: newftp
    IP Address: All Unassigned
    Port: 21
    I check Enable Virtual Host names: newftp.mydomain.local

    for permissions I allow Anonymous and Basic, All users, Read & Write

    Then on my DNS server I add alias: Alias name: newftp
    FQDN: iisserver.mydomain.local

    When I go a browser in a client computer : ftp://newftp.mydomain.local
    I am redirected to the default ftp site: http://ftp.mydomain.local

    I tried adding several additional ftp sites and everytime I try to access them I am redirected to the default one.

    I also tried to add several web sites and configure them for ftp publishing.
    I can access the different web sites from a client but not the different ftp sites.

    Is this normal behavior?
    Maybe W2K8 R2 does not allow to have multiple ftp sites on the same port or IP address?
    It seams like it ignores the Host header altogether.
    Am I doing sth wrong?
    Help pls

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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