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Home Network – Not all laptops recognise all printers

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    HI all, thanks for reading this and please give some allowance for lack of knowledge – I’m still learning!

    I have a home network that comes in through a BT Hub 4.0. This is connected via ethernet to one of the printers (a Brother) to a TP-Link to boost to another room and to a storage device. There are 6 laptops, 1 mac and 5 assorted HP and Acer, all with windows 8. All have Bullguard AV (apart from the mac of course).

    My laptop, not usually on the network as I work elsewhere, can locate the brother printer (DCP-L2540DN – but only after I downloaded the latest driver)), the epson (XP-760) printer and the storage device no problem. So can the mac. All laptops can access and print to the Epson – although the team here tell me that’s not always the case and were amazed I could connect them. All apart from 2 (1 HP, 1 Acer) can connect after I reset them. These 2 do not recognise the storage device or the brother printer. I downloaded the driver for the printer, but could not complete the install (as I had on my laptop) as it could not find the printer on the network.

    The users complain the connectivity comes and goes. I did not create this network and various items have been added at different times. One final thing to state is that the broadband here is appalling – approx 1.7MBps on various speed tests.

    So I appreciate that my description is probably not the best but I hope it makes sense. In laymans terms, sometimes some of the laptops can print and access the storage, sometimes they cant which is understandably frustrating.

    My understanding is that a home network should not be affected by the broadband strength. Is that correct? What can I do to allow all devices to connect to each other?

    I’m sure my lack of expertise is apparent, but any help would be gratefully received. I have been trying all day to find a solution.

    Many thanks


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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