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    Here is my current situation, Exchange 2007 running on Server 2008. We currently have approximately 50 users on the exchange server. We also use another 300-400 email address hosted and managed by our ISP for our support staff. Currently I am having difficulties with the management tools provided by our ISP not being available and having to call or email the ISP in order to make any changes to those emails, and the inability to send to anymore than 25 of the ISP host email addresses at any one time do to restrictions on their spam filter.

    At this point I have two options as I see it both of which present me with some difficulties.
    1) Keep everything as it is with the ISP hosted email addresses add them as contacts to exchange and create groups of 25 or fewer users for mass mailing (our organization is set up such that this wouldn’t be hard to organize in a logical method). However I do not want these contacts or groups to appear in the GAL.
    2) Buy the appropriate number of Exchange licenses and setup up all of the support staff users on the Exchange server. Create a single group (or possibly multiple groups depending on decisions made above my level) for the mass mail outs to the support staff. Again I do not want to have all 300-400 users to appear in the GAL I also do not want these new users to have access to the GAL.
    Any suggestions on how to setup and hide either the users, or contacts and groups created from the GAL and how to hide the GAL from the users if that is the way I end up going would be appreciated. Also is there a specific administrative role in exchange 2007 that would allow me to assign a user the ability to move the users between groups and reset their passwords etc, but not create new users or make any other changes to the exchange organization.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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