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    I am trying to get an AD synced to a new ADAM instance I have created. I’ve gotten it most of the way there but I must be missing a few important items.

    Here is what I have gotten to work so far:
    1. Install a fresh ADAM instance, I call it DC=winteladam,DC=net
    2. Use ADSchemaAnalyzer to create ad ldif schema, I check to mark ALL items to make sure I have no problems (will make another thread later on that).
    3. Create an AdamSync.xml and run adamsync
    4. Takes a long time and syncs a lot of records over to ADAM from AD.

    Here are the problems I need help with:
    1. The AD I am syncing from is “DC=wintel,DC=certlab,DC=net”.
    The place in ADAM that I need to sync to is OU=Wintel,DC=winteladam,DC=net.
    The problem is I am not sure how to create this organizational unit under the DC=winteladam,DC=net ADAM instance.

    After going through the Create an ADAM instance Wizard I can use ADAM ADSI to connect to “dc=winteladam,dc=net” but there are no records created by default. It also will not let me create an OU. How do I create the OU before the sync?

    Once the OU is created, how do I change my AdamSycn.xml to sync AD to the OU=Wintel instead of it syncing to the base DC=winteladam,DC=net?




    2. When I do the sync from AD to ADAM “most” of my items get synced over. The problem is the items that have been added in the past year or so do not make it. This is < 50 records but they are the most important ones. How can I debug why these records are not coming over? 3. In my AD domain there are about 30 OUs that get synced over. I only need about 6 of them. How can I change my AdamSync.xml to only sync over the ones I need? Thanks for any assistance!

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