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    Ok, we purchased the Linksys BEFV41 VPN router in the logic that it would make life easier and more secure to create a VPN for our workers who work from home and some from the field (so no static IPs for some). The first question really is placement of the router. Currently I have the ISP’s router running to a 24 port D-Link Gigabit switch and out to the 2003 Server. My thought was that the VPN router would go in between the ISP router and the switch. ISPRouter–>VPNRouter–>Switch–>2003Server
    The gateway is ( and the IP of the Server is I have DNS pointing back to the server.
    If I set up the VPN Router this way I was thinking that I should set the router as (in the same subnet). I’m unsure of this because I now have a router behind a router and the 2003 Server is pointed to as the gateway. I’m also unsure as to whether I should turn DHCP on or off on the VPN router. I’ve read so many setup articles yet all of them are either a 2003 Server by itself or there isn’t a 2nd router, etc. I’m sure this is simple for plenty of you guys out there so I would appreciate any input. :)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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