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    Hi…This is my first ever posting. But I can really use some help….

    I support an exchange server 2003 std ed.6.5 sp2 on a 2003 std ed server, resources are getting scarce…….And I desperately need to get a grip on disk usage…I convinced one of the users to move much (over 2gig) of the old mail from his In box, at his desktop using outlook 2003, to data folders residing on a mapped share on a file server. ..He now has easy access to his goodies, I can keep an eye on them, And the concept is easier for him to understand then archiving, (He’s an attorney).
    I see the corresponding pst files on the file server getting bigger, reflecting use. And I see the users mail box smaller by a corresponding amt …But when I check disk use in windows I see no change…I’ve since preformed a “regular” backup of the mail store and it looks to be the same size as a prev. backup ?????..Several nights have passed, allowing for online defrags, So now I’m not sure what to do…afraid of offline defrags…and since I could easily be missing something obvious I thought i’d beg for help…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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