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    Hello to all..
    This forum is like an online advanced kb!

    I would appreciate your suggestions in the following case.

    Old Domain Name: OLDDOM.local
    New Domain Name : NEWDOM.local
    Old Server name : OLDSRV
    New Server Name : NEWSRV

    Old user name format: kyo (from Kevin Yost)
    New user name format: kevin.yost

    All user profiles are roaming and stored on OLDSRV.
    In the Active Directory are numerous User, Computer and security Groups.
    On the server are numerous shares with different security permissions at each folder.

    Well here’s the scenario.

    Friday until 16:00 the company operates with the old domain, old usernames, old server.
    Monday morning the company must work with the new Domain, the new server and new usernames.
    The usernames must be changed, the pc’s must be rejoined to the new domain, AD migrated, the shared folders must be moved and securiry must be re-applied… etc….

    Great huh……

    Any tested working method?
    Or even better..
    Any tested fast working method?

    Any help would be appriciated….


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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