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    To implement VPN between main office and branch office.

    Main office contains DC, ADDS, FTP running in Server 2008
    i.e., company.local is my domain name.
    We’ve additional Machine with server 2008 to run VPN.

    At branch office,
    we’re planning to run DC in different name, i.e.,
    Here, we need to run DC and VPN service in same server machine.

    Some Users in main office need to be a roaming user they’ll work from both main and branch office and few other users will work from their home.

    Important folders are located in main office only, branch users need to access and be a part of main office LAN.

    Having Static IP only for Main office.

    How to implement VPN site-to-site in server 2008 and link both the DC (company.local and .local)
    Any other thing required.

    Help me to implement it.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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