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    Help! I am using Exch 2003. I was trying to configure the Permissions of my Public Folders in System Manager when I chose “Deny” permission for “Everyone”. Now, the Public Folder tree has disappeared from System Manager. I can still see the Public Folder Store under the Storage Group but it is dismounted. I tried going to Security tab and set “Allow” to “Everyone” but still it cannot be mounted. I get this error:

    The store could not be mounted because the Active Directory information was not replicated yet. You can either: -press Cancel and mount store later from its context menu or, -press Retry to let Exchange System Manager keep trying to mount store for you.

    The Microsoft Exchange Information Store service could not find the specified object. ID no: c1041722.

    I found an article in;en-us;823017 but it still wont work. Has anybody experienced this problem? Hope you can help me.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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