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    This morning I came in early to reboot the server because it hasn’t been rebooted for a good while and we’ve had reported intermittant problems saving files on our data drive.

    After reboot I’ve found that people can’t gain access directly to the server (ServerOne). People can get to the shared folders on that server and they can authinticate through it for DNS but can’t get directly to it. If I go to My Network Places/Entire Network/ I can see ECDLP but in the list I see all of the computers but not Serverone itself. Also, I can go into a browser and type in \serverone it will show the contents of the server in an explorer window but if I close the window and open it up again I find serverone is missing from the list under My Network Places/ECDLP once again. This is causing problems for our main plotter because it can’t authenticate to serverone to scan print jobs into the server where it stores them. Surely someone has seen this problem and I’m just missing it. It is strange to see DNS working fine (get out to internet) as well as active directory (logging in is fine) but not able to go to the server and see the server in the list on My Network Places. I first noticed this when I lost all of my mapped drives on my PC. Luckily the employees haven’t had this problem. Any suggestions are highly appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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