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    I have been experiencing problems with computers on my LAN for a couple of months now. Computers are not able to connect to some of their application and file servers by hostname. When I ping the servers from any of the computers that are experiencing the problem, I get a reply from . I Googled this and see that this is called “name collision” and have found some good information on it from ICANN, but haven’t seen anything that would help me correct it in my own network. My domain name ends in “.finance” and has had the same name for 15 years. I see that .finance is now in the list of top-level domain names ( ). I assume that queries from my .finance domain is leaking into the public DNS. What I haven’t found is any recommended ways to correct this. Not being a DNS expert, I am solving it temporarily by using the windows hosts file on my windows client computers. What is a better way that will fix it in DNS ? Should I change the domain name or the .finance part of the domain name ? How difficult is it to change ? Any better or easier ways to fix it ? My domain controller is Windows 2003 R2.

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