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    I’m after some advice on what do to next … Any help is much appreciated! :bowdown:

    I work for a secondary school that has two domains; one for students and one for staff. The PDC server on the student domain has failed and will not boot! The Exchange server that sits beside has a replicated AD from the failed PDC, so we have a ‘copy’ of our user accounts. I also have up-to-date backups of all student home folders too :) However our classroom computers will not log on and Exchange mailboxes are not available to access.

    I’d like to promote our Exchange server to become the PDC – I realise PDC/BDC are obsolete with Windows Server 2003, but you know what I mean! I’ve double checked and our Exchange server is now in charge of the Global Catalog. I’m also about to run ntdsutil.exe to force FSMO roles to our Exchange … Is there anything else I need to do? Our Exchange server is not running DHCP, so I need to add that too. Basically, we would like students to be able to log on and staff to access Exchange mailboxes … I’ll sort out student’s home folders later :)

    Ironically, we’re updating our servers very soon to a more resilient server virtualization environment! :?


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