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    I am new to GPO’s and I have been trying to figure a simple GPO but it is not working as expected. Here are my requirements.

    I would like to block everybody from being able to attach pst’s to Outlook 2010 and based on a security group membership to allow users in it to be able to attach pst’s in outlook.

    I have created 2 gpo’s based on Outlook 2010 ADM templates and one of them is called AllowPST and another is DenyPST.

    DenyPST is configured for Authenticated Users in the Security filtering and applied to an OU where users live.

    AllowPST is configured for security group without Authenticated Users in Security filtering and applied to the same ou.

    When i run the GPUpdate on the users machine who is allowed to have pst I only get DenyPST GOP applied and AllowPST is filtered out and says Filtering: Denied (Security)

    Not sure what is happening and why.

    Any feedback would be appreciated and thank you for reading my post.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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