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    I’m in need of some help from you pros, this is really fraustrating as we aint getting no help from the software company after we’ve been told to purchase all these hardware(server, router, T1, switches..etc etc)

    we are setting up a new server on our network to host our website, database(SQL) and it’s also the application server.

    we just got T1 line installed, it came with a Cisco 1721 router, DHCP is not setup on this router.

    Should I setup the cisco router to run DHCP instead on the server? and put the server in the DMZ zone for incoming traffic?

    So here is a list of our equipment

    1 x Dell 2950 server has 2 x Gigabit NICs.
    1 x Cisco 1721 Router
    1 x Dell switch
    a few work stations
    a few VOIP adapters
    a few network printers
    T1 Line

    Server has AD deployed and DCpromo’d, DNS is setup correctly.

    Now my question is, can someone suggest how they should be connected?

    A* T1 -> Router->Switch->Server NIC_0,workstations,printers…etc , disable NIC_1

    B* T1 -> Router -> Server NIC_0 , Server NIC_1 -> Switch -> workstations, printers..etc

    C* T1 -> Router -> Switch -> Both NICs on server, workstations, printers..etc

    the server will see a lot of incoming traffic because it’s running as a web server too, so we do not want the internal workstations take up too much resources, but we do use a lot of bandwidth intensive work.

    A seems like a bad idea , eh?

    if we go with B, obviously all the outbound traffic must past through the server and will take up some bandwidth on NIC_0, this will reduce the available resources on this NIC and slow down the incoming web requests, am i correct?

    if we go with C, i can assign two different IPs on both NIC, and the workstations are connected directly to the router, so it won’t consume all the resources on the server.

    my current connection is setup as B, but i can not gain access to the 2nd NIC, it’s not getting any IP at all.

    I have deployed DHCP and defined a scope to distribute <> 254, subnet and router option is set to the Cisco router, DNS query is set to server itself. (DNS service enabled and configured)

    but it’s not leasing out any IPs and nothing is responding. I posted another thread about my DHCP problem hopefully someone can take a look…

    Shoud I also use NAT / RAS ?

    this is my first time doing a network setup so excuse me for any errors… please help me out.

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