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HELP! EMail down due to FSMO problems!

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    :confused:This is going to be a command line solution, I’m sure but I’ve hosed our Exchange server as follows:

    Over the weekend we run Acronis on our DC1 machine running Exchange 2003 (Windows Server 2003). The Exchange server was the primary DC and FSMO role holder. We have DC2 as a backup server and handles some file sharing, etc. Both house a GC. We’re a small network so this works OK with us.

    Anyway, on Saturday we converted the Exchange server to a Virtual Server (using XenSource as the Hypervisor) and Acronis. After restoring the Exchange (DC1) to a virtual machine we noticed that there were replication errors and DC2 could not ‘find’ the AD roles on DC1. After playing with it for a while we ran NTDSUtil to Seize the rolls from DC1 to DC2. DC2 now shows that it is the FSMO roll holder for all 5 rolls. Unfortunately, DC1 does also! If we run NTDSUtil on DC1 to take them BACK from DC2 the NTDSUtil (Seize command) shows that it was successfully transfered, that Seize was not necessary (sounded good to me) but on DC2, the rolls were STILL assigned to DC2! Now I have 2 DC’s with FMSO rolls, nobody can authenticate to Exchange (presumably because of the PDC confusion?)

    Attempts to demote the Exchange DC fail.

    Can I demote the DC using ADSIEdit or NTDSUtil, and re-join it as a DC to fix this? Or will the old records come back to haunt? I really need to get this server back into operations!

    We’re hosed :(

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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