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    so, we have moved our file repository to a new server. the drive gets mapped on everybody’s pc via ‘net use’ in a batch file called via gpo. in order to make this as transparent to the users as possible, the new location is also mapped as the ‘z’ drive. (specifically, the old command is “net use z: \pdpdcsmdatasm$” and the new command is “net use z:” \motherbraindatasm$”).

    so, i made the change to the batch file pointing to the new share, but upon login, the old share is still getting mapped. as a test, i added a second mapping to the batch file to a completely unrelated share, and that works. so, apparently, the old ‘z’ mapping is cached locally.

    of course, i can give the new share a new mapping, but i really don’t want to. everybody, all day long, is z-drive this and z-drive that. so…

    is there any way i can disconnect from z and let it remap to the new share without going to each client? or clear the mapping cache? or whatever it is that’s keeping this from working….?

    thx, as always.

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