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    I cant access the linked table manager each time I try to run this I get this error
    ‘Microsoft Office Access cant find the wizerd, or the wizard has not been installed, or there is a syntax error in the Declarations section of Visual Basic module” then it says “the wizard you need may be missing from the libraries key of the microsot office access section of the windows registry, or the wizards have been disabled. To make sure that the wizard is in the windows registry, run setup to reinstall microsoft office access and then compile all visual basic modules in the database.To reenable the wizard click about microsoft office on the help menu, and then click the disabled items to view a list of addins which you can enable”

    Now Access 2003 is installed as part of office pro, nothing is disabled, the additional wizards are installed.
    I have removed access and resintalled access same issue, I cant run a detect and repair as it asks for a cab file that is not on the CD, upon research I have found this is common and the cab file is no where, the only solution they suggested was complete reinstall of office, this does not work for me as I have stacks of terminal service clients using Outlook and I cant remove Office and have to setup each user up again. Now even if I did remove this and reinstall I am not 100% sure it will fix the access problem, can someone help me please, I have also noticed I cannot open add in manager or swicth board manager, the same error comes up.

    This is Office 2003 Pro on server 2003 standard.

    cheers all

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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