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have server reply using a specific message does not work

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    This is concerning Exchange 2010.

    I have several users that use auto-replies (not out of office notifications) for various reasons. Normally there are no issues. A specific instance was brought to my attention and I have not been able to verify a solution. Several searches bring back related topics but none with a valid solution.

    A user sets a rule in Outlook 2010.

    selects “sent to people or public group” and selects the group.

    on the next page

    selects “have server reply using a specific message” and completes the message as they normally do.

    They receive the original message but there is no auto reply.

    If the user selects any of the other options such as forward the email or delete the email or any of the others, it works as expected.

    It also works correctly when they use auto-replies for email sent directly to them.

    Any Ideas as to why this particular combination does not work when everything else does?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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